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Children In Class_Repton Schoolhouse

Vision & Mission

Kids doing experiments at Repton Schoolhouse Kindergarten.

Nurturing Character, Inspiring Minds

Excellence in character and outstanding achievement is our promise, our value proposition, our philosophy, and our vision. It is fundamental to who we are.

We are an established, exceptional educational institution with 460 years of history and experience in cultivating excellence in character and outstanding achievement.

We teach, nurture and guide young children by ensuring excellence in their character and empowering achievement and confidence.

We cultivate confident, caring, and well-adjusted young learners to experience success by providing them with the very best resources, staff, pastoral care, support and enriching experiences.

Repton Schoolhouse children emerge as responsible, resilient young learners who are engaged in the world around them, showing passion and compassion in equal measure, empowered to make positive contributions to humanity.


  • To be the school of choice for discerning parents seeking a premium education.
  • Providing the excellence of British independent school traditions and a unique curriculum designed to prepare the children to thrive in the Singapore education system.
  • Repton aims to be the leader in high quality, progressive childcare and education in Singapore.
  • By working closely with parents, Repton aims to develop children of character who have all the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing, highly competitive, global society.
  • Repton provides small and nurturing centres designed to support each child as an individual.
  • Every Reptonian should become a fulfilled individual and responsible citizen.
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