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Repton Arrives In Singapore!

Repton Arrives in Singapore!

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CES Education leaders all believe firmly in the value of quality education, and together, they have brought into Singapore, a high value preschool, second to none, Repton Schoolhouse Singapore.

It is a pre-school of tomorrow, combining the best of British and Singapore education systems, offering a quality curriculum which will not only equip pre-schoolers with high literacy, numeracy and Chinese standards but also nurture the character of the children and inspire their minds.

During the launch of Repton Schoolhouse on Monday, Founding Director, Mrs Louise Grant shared, “Although we cannot predict the future accurately, what we can say is that the Repton Schoolhouse children will experience an education that is fundamentally the same in that it offers a premium academic pathway that children need to thrive, flourish and attain the high standards required to pursue their education in Singapore. It is also significantly different in the way we have designed our bilingual Learning Framework, to provide an authentic approach that enables the children to access the deepest levels of inquiry, empowering them to discover their passions, fascinations and how the world might be.

Repton Schoolhouse understands that the first five years of a child’s life are critical for their development and are committed to giving each child the best possible start ensuring their future success in an ever changing world.

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