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Elated Class of Preschool Kids Having Lessons_Repton Schoolhouse

Music and Movement

Learning Chinese_Repton Preschool Singapore

Music enrichment helps to improve children’s memory, cognitive learning skills and their ability to express emotions. The sessions teach the children self-control, improves co-ordination, enhances creativity and nurtures lifelong appreciation of music and movement. Creative music and movement education develops the whole child.

The children explore vocals through song, chants and rhymes, develop aurally through listening skills, creative movement through dance and body percussion, instrumentally through drum, percussion, tone bars, etc. and Language and Literacy through dramatic story reading, notation reading, etc.

Repton Schoolhouse is famous for our Character Education Programme and the focus on values during each session supports the children’s growth in this area.

The children gain exposure to a wide repertoire of music genres. Experienced and dedicated educators guide the children through a systematic approach based on proven early childhood music education pedagogy like Orff Schulwerk, Dalcroze and Kodaly frameworks. The children internalise the music through these activities and learn to improvise and create their own compositions.

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