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Elated Class of Preschool Kids Having Lessons_Repton Schoolhouse

Coding and Robotics

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With the digital world evolving at such a fast rate with app and website development, software, video games and other technological advancements, the need for a generation that is digitally literate is bigger than ever.

Repton Schoolhouse Coding and Robotics Enrichment aims to nurture Singapore’s future generation of innovators and leaders in the tech world. Through our highly engaging coding classes and our holistic learning environment, the children learn essential 21st-century skills that support success in the digital world in the future.

The children will take their first steps into real-world programming. Through our multi-sensory approach, the children experience a strong foundation in computational thinking from graphics-based coding courses.

Repton Schoolhouse is famous for our Character Education Programme and the focus on values during each session supports the children’s growth in this area.

Our aim is to empower the children as Singapore’s future generation of innovators, programmers, web developers, engineers, builders, scientists, teachers and leaders through a comprehensive coding education.

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