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Children In Class_Repton Schoolhouse


A happy boy at Repton schoolhouse a student learning space for kids

It is our aim for every Reptonian to become a confident, fulfilled individual with the tools to contribute positively to society. Every child has a unique potential for achievement, and we provide a stimulating and ordered learning environment with the facilities and ethos to instruct, encourage and inspire children to discover and develop their own talents and to become life-long learners.

Strong emphasis is placed on rigour in academic achievement as well as the cultivation of interests in music, art, drama, digital technologies and sports. Character development is paramount including high personal standards and cultivation of good manners. In all these ways the richness of life at Repton Schoolhouse develops children of character with self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities as well as an attitude of respect and responsibility for others. We ensure that these formative years are not only enjoyable but also recognised as the foundation, empowering the children for future success throughout their years at school and beyond.

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