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Established in 1557 in Derbyshire, England, Repton UK is one the most prestigious independent schools in Britain proudly offering 460 years of history and experience.

Repton School has established a strong brand identity in the UK and the Middle East. Repton Schoolhouse is proud to be part of the Repton family building on the traditions of high academic achievement and a well-rounded education. We provide outstanding pastoral care and world-class facilities, and as a result, Repton schools have earned a reputation for quality and excellence.

We are an international school and pride ourselves on celebrating diversity and multiculturalism, while simultaneously prioritising academic achievement and the development of character.

Over the many years Repton has produced eminent alumni and alumnae in every profession from authors to Olympic medallists. Georgie Twigg, Harold Abrahams, Christopher Isherwood and Roald Dahl, are just a few names you may recognize.

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