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First Day of School at Repton Schoolhouse

How was our first day in school? Check out these photos and see how it went.

There was singing, laughing, playing, dancing, and learning in the classroom. That’s a two thumbs up for our face shields! We love to see the little kids’ faces and smiles.

Children were back engaged in gross motor play that makes their mind and body, healthy and strong! Here’s a mommy checking in her little one with easy to follow safety measures!  Mask on, kid’s health check, sign in, sanitize, and we’re good!

We taught the children the importance of safe distancing and how to do it with the help of their  favourite puppets, Mike and Piggy! They did a great job!

Most kids surprised their parents today by waking up quite early as their excited to be in school, ready to wear their face shields/mask, meet their teachers and friends, and sing a happy song!

Weeeeeeh!  “A moving child is a learning child”*

Our teachers worked hard to prepare for this day! Again, we want to say thank you, Repton teachers!  You made our children’s first day happy and safe.

To wrap it up, our first day went FANTASTIC!!

*A Moving Child Is a Learning Child by: Gill Connell


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