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About the Team

We are a like-minded, experienced group of professional educators, executives and managers who are passionate about supporting children’s learning and development. Many of us have worked together before and are excited to reunite to build a truly unique Kindergarten experience for Singaporean and expatriate children and their families.

Angelia Than educator and teacher at Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Angelia Than

Angelia has 15 years of experience working with young children, she graduated with a Diploma in Early Childhood with Leadership and subsequently a Degree in Early Childhood and Management.

She has been a finalist recipient for the MoE (Singapore) Kindergarten Teacher award and Best Team Practices award. Angelia was also nominated to go on a Best Practices exchange to Budapest, Hungary where she visited 5 different preschools.

Angelia believes that every child is a unique individual and deserves a safe and secure environment to flourish in.

Nur Syazwani Binte Affrin educator and teacher in Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Nur Syazwani Binte Ariffin

Nur Syazwani has been in the early childhood sector for approximately 9 years. Her experience includes a Montessori, kindergarten and childcare settings. Wani completed a Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education in SEED Institute and is currently pursuing the Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

As an educator, Wani takes pride in nurturing and guiding children to discover the joy of learning and maximise each child’s potential. She truly believes that the early years in a child’s life are the most essential period to develop social skills, responsibility and independence.

Angie Ng educator and teacher at Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Angie Ng

Angie completed her Advanced Diploma in Early Years Teaching (Kindergarten) and worked in PCF for 7 years, teaching all levels as a class teacher. She has lead various projects with schools for example, the Innovation Guidance Project. In her class, carefully plans to ensure differentiated learning to cater to the children’s learning styles.

Angie believes that the children develop holistically when they are given time and a wide range of opportunities.

Tina Lim educator and Head Teacher Assistant at Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Tina Lim

Tina Lim, is a trained Teacher Assistant and is Head Teacher assistant at Repton Schoolhouse. She completed a certification course in Middle Leadership for International Schools and the NSPCC Child Protection in Schools. Tina joined Repton in October 2018. Tina spent 3 years in a government primary school before joining SJII Elementary School in 2008. There she was appointed Head of Teaching Partners in 2010. She enjoyed both her roles, but especially so, in enhancing learning within the classroom.

Tina is trained the school’s character education program, the Virtues Project. She believes learning should be child-centred and school must be a place where children feel secure and comfortable.

Chen Qing educator and Chinese teacher at Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Chen Qing

Chen Qing brings with her 27 years of experience in teaching early learners. She was the Head of Chinese Department at a Montesorri kindergarten in charge of designing curriculum and managing a team of teachers before joining Repton. Chen Qing is well-versed in early childhood pedagogy, child psychology, Chinese dance and Chinese brush painting. She has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and is currently pursuing certification in Special Education and a degree in Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education.

Chen Qing’ is passionate about teaching young children and has made this her life-long career. She draws her inspiration from every little step that children takes in their learning.

Cindy Yap

Cindy has been an educator for 13 years in both St James Church Kindergarten and Pat’s Schoolhouse. Before joining Repton, she led a Montessori Preschool as a Vice Principal.

Cindy believes that all children matter and they grow and learn at their optimal when they feel safe. “Children learn in different ways – some learn by hearing, some by reading, some by doing. There is never a fixed or right way to their developments.”

Cindy has a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education with Wheelock College and is currently pursuing her Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership (ADECL) with NIEC by MoE.

Meng Zhao Ying educator and Chinese teacher at Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Meng Zhao Ying

Meng Zhao Ying is a passionate early childhood educator who has dedicated 30 years of her working life to teaching Chinese to young children.

Meng Meng was the Head of Cheng Zhu Mandarin Kindergarten before becoming a freelance drama teacher and tutor. Her experience amassed from designing the curriculum and teaching in Julia Gabriel Center for Learning for 13 years, has enabled her to be an extremely effective and engaging teacher.

Meng Zhao Ying has a Diploma in Teaching Chinese Language and is also a specialist in teaching Speech and Drama.

Priya Periasamy an educarer at Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Priya Periasamy

Priya has been in the Early Childhood industry for the past 7 years. She is an Educarer for our youngest children at Repton Schoolhouse. “It’s always meaningful to be a part of the little ones life journey. Seeing them learning new things; watching them grow every day makes me grow as well. I am thrilled and excited to be working with your child and ensuring them a safe and smooth journey in school!“

Samantha Charles educator and teacher at Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Samantha Charles

Samantha has been working with youth and children for 9 years. She started her journey with a Diploma in Mass Communication and through it found her passion for children, pursuing a career in Early Years Education. She graduated with a teaching Diploma in Early Childhood and subsequently a BA in Early Childhood Education with Monash University (Australia).

Samantha worked at UWCSEA as a Teacher Assistant where she was able to learn more about international curriculum and best practices. She has also experienced working in an SME based pre-school as a lead and senior teacher. Working with a varied age group of children and assisting with different operations of the school.

Samantha believes that every child is different and that difference makes them unique. As educators we embrace that difference but also have the responsibility to make a difference.

Wang Su Mei educator and Chinese teacher at Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Wang Su Mei

Wang Su Mei has been teaching early years children for 8 years. Before joining Repton, she has taught at Berries World of Learning, Character Montesorri Pte Ltd and Initium Academy Pte Ltd, working with children from the ages of 2 to 8 years old.

Wang Su Mei holds a Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education-Teaching (Chinese) and a Diploma in Special Needs Education (Preschool). She is currently pursuing a degree in Early Childhood and Chinese Language Education.

Sumei believes in planning individualised learning experiences to meet the developmental needs of each of the children under her care. The children thoroughly enjoy and appreciate her warmth, enthusiasm and caring approach.

Wai Shim Chong educator and music teacher at Repton Schoolhouse Alexandra Preschool Kindergarten in Singpapore

Wai Shim Chong

Previously from a marketing background, Wai Shim began her journey in early childhood education teaching music to the pre-schoolers in various centres. She soon discovered that early years education was her passion.

Wai Shim holds a ABRSM Grade 7 Pianoforte and Diploma in Kindergarten Teaching. She has taught for 5 years in kindergartens and childcare centres. Wai Shim was involved in the “Start Small Dream Big” projects in her previous centres, instilling values education through these projects so she is naturally drawn to the Virtues Project at Repton Schoolhouse.

Wai Shim believes that every child is a curious and competent learner and as teachers it is our responsibility to help ignite their interests and passions.

Jacqueline Joseph Service and Admin at Repton Schoolhouse Preschool Kindergarten in Singapore

Jacqueline Joseph

Jacqueline has a degree in Psychology and Management and a Diploma in Counselling.

Jacqueline has worked as a Personal Assistant at The Gallup Organisation and at The National University of Singapore Society. She was part of the HR team at the Australian International School.

Jacqueline joins Repton Schoolhouse with 12 years of experience in the service and admin industry.

Lyana Nurul

Lyana has been an early childhood educator for six years. Her experience ranges from childcare, a Montessori preschool and an international school.

Lyana is patient, gentle, kind and knows how to turn any situation into a fun and positive experience for the children.

“Children in the early years go through a tremendous amount of change and development. I am very excited to be part of this journey and look forward to helping your child grow and enjoy their time in school.”

Chen Mei

Chen Mei is a qualified early childhood teacher with 5 years of teaching experience.  She is also a professional cultural dancer who loves playing the piano. She has conducted speech and drama classes and organised graduation concerts for kindergarten children. She enjoys being with young children, helping them to learn and develop their various skills. Chen Mei is motivated to acquire more knowledge in this profession to bring out the best in our children.

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